R - Resources and questions

  • Hello dear SummerCamp participants!

    During our 7 weeks track, you will have one week of R learning on DataCamp.

    Here you will find resources and you can also ask your questions regarding R, they will be replied asap. Feel free to interact, this is your space!

    Thank you and best wishes for your DataScience journey!

    Olivier, for di Academy



    • Why we have just one week of R while we have five weeks of Python?

    In DataScience, R and Python are very similar, as does C# and Java for instance. Instead to have 50% of each (as we did last year) we decided it’s better to have advanced knowledge for at least one language. You are totally free, if you feel no attraction to Python and more interest on R, to focus more on R. As long you master one of the two languages at high level and the second as basic level. There are no preference or dominance for R or Python in DataScience. Both are used and any exercise could be done in both.

    Good news: I don’t know how and when they will do it, I learnt that Python and R are going to merge. So I guess in several months, you could have just one language to learn.

    //That’s all folks!

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