SAS Base - Resources and questions

  • Hello dear SummerCamp participants!

    During our 7 weeks track, you will have one week of SAS Base!

    Here you will find resources and you can also ask your questions regarding SAS, they will be replied asap. Feel free to interact, this is your space!
    On 21th August, there will also be at our space a SAS coach (Jean-Louis Hernandez), who will be happy to reply to any of your questions and help you.
    If you can’t be present on that day, you can also ask your questions on this topic and a reply will be given.

    Thank you and best wishes for your DataScience journey!

    Olivier, for di Academy


    *When the certification exam of SAS Base will take place

    It will take place on 17th September 4:00pm at DigitYser. A debriefing is planned at 3:30pm. Please come on time. Here is the link to register to the exam, it is mandatory to register at least 2 weeks before the date. No registration = no exam. Please also show up, for respect to the organizers.

    Important: If you are not available on 17th September, you can choose instead the 18th September that will take place at Tervuren (SAS place).
    Contact me (preferably) or Elisabeth for any question

    According to the fact that we give only one week for SAS, we highly advise you to take at least 10 days to study SAS. The training track could take 50 hours.

  • Congratulation Kevin !

  • Congratulations Kevin!

  • 0_1539322736307_hulk smash sas.png

  • Here is the official list for SAS exam on 17th September. I sent the mail to all the 16 attendees. 0_1536938742396_SAS_List.PNG

    Have a very nice weekend and good luck!

  • Poor you! You have the choice to take some rest about SAS if you want (it’s not the case of this animal, no choice for him…)
    The exam is at 17th September. I suggest you take 2-3 days of rest or to reduce the pace (or altern with python).
    Here is a link with some resources last year, I made as a participant
    (the mm files could be open with FreeMind or FreePlane)

    Good luck to all

  • HOW I FEEL about SAS these days…

    0_1535286262006_how I feel.png

  • I don’t know if you have notifs of edit. I sent an email with exam date info, I edited this topic to place the info.
    If not available on 17th, another date could be on 18th September, this time at SAS place. See you this evening or in other time

  • Here are the 2 files Jean-Louis have provided to you
    I can’t upload those files but here are the links from my Cloud:

  • @irene-del-carmen Hi Carmen, I still not download it. I don’t know why I don’t download it. Thank you for your reply

  • Hey Hoale, I still don’t know if it was downloaded or not, but you can start working and reading the lessons, there are only a few tasks that you will do with the app and you can also do it on pen and paper and see the answer.

  • Did anyone download successfully SAS software? I pushed the button in alt text, then it will go to the another page like in alt text. I cannot download this software. Can anyone help me?

  • Hello, I have a complicated day and will be able to pass by Digityser after lunch. My main question is if he can provide an example of using SAS if you already know all the required tools. In other words, how can I see the value of SAS in action?

  • I just received the installation link, so I guess it will work out.
    Thank you for the support, @kgeorgios , and see you tomorrow!

  • You’re welcome, @Milena ! Since tomorrow’s workshop requires the SAS platform to be installed in our own machines you can always follow along with me if you like. See you tomorrow !

  • Hello @kgeorgios!

    It seems that I actually missed the first e-mail from Elisabeth regarding the SAS platform registration. I did the registration some minutes ago today, but probably I’ll get the SAS e-mail with the installation procedure later this week. However, I’ll come tomorrow to the workshop. Thank you very much!

  • Hello @Milena !

    You should have received an e-mail from SAS describing in details the installation procedure of the program (this includes the installation of the virtual machine and download of the data sets) as well as the two suggested e-learning courses and online training resources for the preparation of the certification exam. If you have not received this e-mail I suggest you speak directly to @Olivier. If you have received this e-mail but have problems with the installation process Jean-Louis Hernandez can most certainly help you tomorrow during the SAS workshop. I’ll also be there so don’t hesitate to ask for my help if you have installation issues.

  • Hello Olivier,

    Can you please give us some info about starting online learning SAS today ?
    I don’t see the resources here, I went through all the forum topics, e-mails and info sent to us, but I couldn’t find info there neither.
    Thank you in advance.

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