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    Dear Summer Camp participants.

    Here you can find info and replies to your questions about the 7 weeks of Summer Camp.

    Our SummerCamp lasts 7 weeks, from 13th August to 28th September. Your presence in DigitYser space is not mandatory (as some of you are outside Brussels, are working, …).

    DigitYser space is open to anyone from 9am to 5pm, there are free desks and space to study on the ground floor, with wifi, coffee/drinks. As a participant, you have a 6 months access to our space.

    The DataCamp platform will be fully available for you for 3 months (until 13th November) and the SAS platform until end 2018.

    Your commitment on DataCamp / SAS is yours, it is your choice to complete the trainings, and we are not checking or punishing you if you don’t.
    The assigned dates are indicative. The leaderboard will be available and updated each week from the 3th week.

    As you are motivated/committed to improve your DataScience skills, you could be selected for the second part of our training from October to end December
    (if you wish, if you can).

    Program of the 7 weeks:

    • Week 1 (13-17 Aug) : Statistics - Data Manip - Data Viz (python)

    Suggested track: Intro to Python for Data Science - Intermediate Python for Data Science - Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1 & 2) - Importing Data in Python (Part 1 & 2)

    • Workshop Evan - Thursday 6:00 pm for 20’

    • Week 2 (20-24 Aug) : SAS Week

    Learning of SAS Base

    • Jean-Louis Hernandez from SAS present full day on Tuesday
    • Week 3 (27-31 Aug) : Python Intermediate

    Suggested track: Cleaning Data in Python - pandas Foundations - Manipulating DataFrames with pandas - Merging DataFrames with pandas

    • Week 4 (03-07 Sep) : Python Advanced I

    Suggested track: Intro to SQL for Data Science - Introduction to Databases in Python - Introduction to Data Visualization with Python - Interactive Data Visualization with Bokeh

    • Workshop Evan - Thursday 6:00 pm for 20’

    • Week 5 (10-14 Sep) : Python Advanced II

    Suggested track: Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 1 & 2) - Joining Data in PostgreSQL

    • Workshop Evan - Thursday 6:00 pm for 20’

    • Week 6 (17-21 Sep) : R Basics & Intermediate

    Suggested track: Introduction to R - Intermediate R - Introduction to the Tidyverse - Importing Data in R (Part 1 & 2)

    • Week 7 (24-28 Sep) : Intro to Machine Learning (python)

    Suggested track: Supervised Learning with scikit-learn - Machine Learning with the Experts: School Budgets - Unsupervised Learning in Python - Deep Learning in Python - Network Analysis in Python (Part 1)

    • JobFair on Tuesday

    Olivier, for di Academy

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