Tips to SURVIVE the first week

  • Dear all,

    I followed DataCamp since April and based on my experience I consider that it will be very unlikely that you can complete six courses during the first week. I hardly doubt that anyone will have the time or the motivation to do so, therefore I give the following tips:

    • The first week you need to get used to the platform, the instructors, and also believe that coding and data science are fun. Take it easy!

    • Take your time to think about the problems. Many times I code and I don´t even know what was the problem about. Then I need to read again what was question I actually answered.

    • I work on a few courses a day, usually one analytical (e.g. statistics), one relatively easy to follow (e.g. visualization) and one about coding skills (e.g. python toolbox). If I could finish one chapter of each course I am satisfied.

    • With luck I have completed a maximum of five courses a week when I have had plenty of time to do so. I understand it is important to complete all the skills asked, but in my humble opinion the proposed schedule is not the best approach.

    • If anyone feels demotivated, let´s get together and make it happen! I live in Ixelles, so if anyone wants to meet in the neighborhood it´s fine.



  • @olivier Exactly, it’s not about completing the homework, it’s about learning.

  • @raptorate Indeed , about XPs, and about DataCamp design, it is so easy to bypass the training, in saying "show me the solution’ > 0 XP, and that afterwards to redo the exercises using the solutions you received (I admit, I did this last year for the last week because I had no time).

    At the end, whatever work you want to achieve, you are the only master of your decisions and efforts, so you are responsible of your actions. I respect more the people that try their best, even if they are at 30%-50% of what they should do, comparing to people that make 100% or more and didn’t learn anything in fact.

    I hope that all my actions here could help you, it is my aim. For my own acts, I value more imperfect commitments than easy shortcuts & give-ups

    Wish you all the best!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @olivier It is part of datacamps design as their FAQ states that the courses are bit different on mobile and desktop versions. So XP on mobile courses is not added to your overall XP. Although I feel the using XP system to guage your performance is a bit tardy as it very easy to accrue XP if you choose to do so without learning anything on Datacamps platform

  • Indeed and I must admit 6 courses per week is quite tough, especially if you have a work, family, leisure. Great tips Irene.

    So I apologize if the assignments are too much, as I said many times before, they are guidance, it’s better to understand and practice 60% of the course that fly 100% but not understand and learn. You also have access to DataCamp until 13th November, so you are free to redo the training afterwards if you wish.

    Another tip that Marine gave me this morning. She completed a training with DataCamp app, it seems that the XPs are not taken in account. I don’t know if it’s intentional from DataCamp or if it’s a bug, I suggest you to use the app just to practice, and anyway if you lack of some XPs but you show motivation and committment, your seat will be in gold for the second part if you want to go further 😉

    Have a nice end of week!


  • Great advice ! thanks for sharing your previous experience know-how !

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