Momentum of the weeks (Evan Wks - SAS - JobFair day)

  • Hello!

    Reminder, this evening at 6:00pm Evan will lead a workshop of 40-60 minutes, and we will go through the entire Data Science process with a focus on contextualizing and communicating the process.

    For those that couldn’t be present this evening, you can receive here from me a summary of what will be said (sorry for my bad English tense, you understood I hope)

    Reminder for the next moments:
    On Week 2: SAS Coaching 21th August
    On Week 3: workshop about Jupyter Notebook (who/when to be set)
    On Week 4 (6th September 6pm) - Evan Workshop - details given soon
    On Week 5 (13th September 6pm) - Evan Workshop - details given soon
    On Week 6: workshop about R (who/when to be set)
    On Week 7: Jobfair 25th September (time to be set)

    As I said, these are not mandatory, come if you are able to come and summaries will be given from me (full exhaustivity not guaranteed)

    Nothing is perfect and your ideas of make it better are always welcome and appreciated. Wish you the best!


  • @olivier Hey Olivier, we need to make a post about how to install Python in your computer, as many beginners may not have it.

    To you all,
    The exercises proposed by Evan seem a bit confusing at first eye, but for those who did not come just try to pass by Digityser and make a team. On the other hand, @Raptorate just opened a channel where we can freely chat and hear our voices if needed.

    p.s.> Olivier, your English is quite good, if you apologize then more than half of the world also must!

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