Discord Server For Communication Across Teams

  • Hello everyone, here is the link to the discord server. For those of who are familiar, you can ignore this, but to those who are new, there are various text and voice channels. Every team gets its own text channel for you to communicate and share files. I have created a general voice channel where everyone can talk if needed. And a feedback voice channel for when the mentors decide to give you feedback. Please do not forget to deafen or leave the voice channels when you are done as it may cause disturbance for others on the same channel.Please post in the relevant channels to keep the channels organized. You can share almost anything by just clicking on the + symbol left to the chat box. If anyone needs help just post in the question and help channel as I expect it to be the used the most.

    If you guys just wanna relax and chat for fun there is a separate channel called hangout and chill. Have fun with discord if it is your first time. In time I am sure you will learn to love it

  • @raptorate excellent!

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