Intro Workshop on Source Control with Git and GitHub

  • Hi everyone !

    Tomorrow, before the HIV Hackathon, I’ll be giving a one-hour intro workshop on source control with Git and GitHub. I’ll be guiding you through the whole process of version control, starting from the creation of a new project to publishing your first report (i.e. the Jupyter Notebook we will create) on GitHub.

    Anyone who wants to join is welcome to ! Time has yet to be determined.

    Hope everyone is making great progress through the bootcamp. See you tomorrow !


  • … and then I realize I have the information just now before reading the forum.
    I am aware, as a future-training-manager, I should go more often of the forum.
    While I’m really happy of your initiative and dynamism, I will set some rules so this kind of absence of communication will be fixed 🙂
    Have a nice workshop


  • Of course, @beire_2018 ! I’ll catch up with you next time you’re able to join us at DigitYser. I am glad to be of help.

  • I would like to follow, but I am unable to be at digityser today during working hours. I know Git, perhaps we could speak a brief moment in the future to catch up, thank you for your efforts.

  • Excellent !

  • Hi again everyone !

    Since I would like to give the opportunity to the greatest number of people to follow tomorrow’s workshop I’ll be giving it twice. The morning workshop will start at 10:00 am and the afternoon workshop will start at 03:00 pm.

    See you tomorrow !


  • Hey @kgeorgios , great idea, indeed!
    I’d be able to join only if it’s before noon, as I will attend another workshop in the afternoon, which will finish just before the HIV Hackathon workshop.
    So, I’ll be waiting for the time confirmation. See you!

  • Great iniciative Georgios, +1 here

  • Hello @kgeorgios, You can count on me!
    Let me know your schedule. See you!

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