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  • I was watching the youtube video today about How to Create a Digital Coin, especially the question from Philippe what should the coin be able to provide ?
    “Collaboration token”
    You could maybe like “” or present payed emails or payed coding solutions,
    the power of micro-transactions could allow people ‘when they collaborate on a given task’ to pay-stream the amount of minutes spend. Sort of like a game of chess, hitting a timer each turn together. Then again off-chain/on-chain system to lower the cost of GAS transactions, but soon that will be solved in ETH when they inevitably change to PoS.

    remember, this tech is not only a mean to exchange monetary value,
    but also intellectual property, medical records/data, agreements between 2 or more peers,
    exchange of services and cloud services
    I would like to see an open political voting system in a thrust-less society for example
    In fact there is so much out there being developed right now… = incentivises matchmakers to positively connect communities together = online payments system like ebay = monetize or incentivize work in Open Source Software

    This idea of currency backed token can work, the key is to stop thinking about ever returning to fiat. The speaker on the forum is sharp and very educated about this topic, I look forward to learn and who knows even help…

  • @beire_2018 you are perfectly in tuned with what it was discussed yesterday at the workshop. There is already a digityser coin and the plan will be how to integrate a community around it.
    Phillippe was pointing more about a ‘sharing’ system: I help you with task a, I help another person with task c and so on.

  • @beire_2018 you should share this idea with @philippe

  • @beire_2018 Excellent Idea👍 👌

  • Print a QR code for a LTC wallet at the bar instead of only fiat to pay our consumptions.

    Make 10.000 Digitizer Tokens using 1 SALT cryptocurrency, use that for Events…

    Ask people around you to install a Jaxx wallet, then send them a few BTC or alts and ask them to search for a location in Brussels to pay with that for a beer/lunch together

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