Agenda 5th to 7th week - From 10 to 28 September

  • Links will follow for registering for Masterclass & Workshops

    Week 5 Sept10-14 - Python Advanced part II

    Thursday 13th (5th floor - Executive room) - Drink Q&A / Workshop - As per an event to Atrium, this drink q&a and workshop with Evan will take place in the 5th floor.

    Week 6 Sept17-21 - R

    17th September: SAS exam at DigitYser. registrations are closed.
    Other dates until December, at SAS Tervuren

    20th September:
    Lunch Masterclass 12:30 to 2pm - Beyond the gem - Top 3 misconceptions when presenting data insights
    Eric Lecoutre presence, R coaching in afternoon

    Week 7 Sept24-28 - Intro to ML

    26th Lunch Masterclass 12:30 to 2pm - Beyond pretty - Data visualization that explain and persuade

    -TBConfirmed - 27th September 2pm-5pm - WorkShop Alexis Brouard - The Tip of the Iceberg - Persuade with your data insights
    JOBFAIR: on 27th September 4:00pm to 6:30pm (not anymore 25th)
    HIV Hack : also on 27th September** 6:30pm to 9:30pm

    In October:
    4th October – 12:30-14:00 - Lunch Masterclass - Beyond frustration - Captivate with stories about your data

  • Here is the copy of the mail I sent some days ago to the bootcampers

    Hello dear Bootcampers!

    I hope you forward well in your track with DataCamp and SAS.

    For me, I’m also doing my best to provide you the best experience, for SummerCamp and following DataScience Bootcamp (October>December)!
    I wish you are happy and am open for any question / feedback!

    For the SAS exam of 17th September

    • Elisabeth told me there are still room for those that want to do it on this Monday. Fill the registration form before Friday 14th 4:00pm (last call!).

    For those present Monday, don’t forget your credentials (login & password).
    On request you can also use a laptop provided by SAS if you have issues using your laptop for the exam (ask Elisabeth)

    If any questions to ask to Elisabeth, please also CC your mail to Eva Bogaerts
    You can also fill the form if you prefer to make the exam at later dates (only one exam - please also notice the message about no-shows and retake)

    Next weeks program

    Links of events/training are provided so you can register.
    Please do so if you wish to attend, to allow a very smooth organization.

    5th Week (this one)
    This Thursday 13th evening (exceptionally at 5th floor):
    5:30pm Drink Q&A
    6:30pm Workshop Evan:
    project focus on modeling with data selection choices

    6th Week (17-21 Sept) - R Week
    Monday 17th : SAS Exam (5th-Floor, Executive Room)
    3:30pm Debriefing - 4:00pm SAS Base exam.
    Be present on time, last arrival at 4:15pm

    Thursday 20th Sept:
    12:30-2:00pm Lunch Masterclass with Alexis Brouard
    “Beyond the gem - Top 3 misconceptions when presenting data insights”
    2pm-… Eric Lecoutre (Welovedatascience / R Week) will be present for any coaching and questions about R

    7th Week (24-28 Sept) - ML Week

    26th September:
    12:30-2:00pm Lunch Masterclass with Alexis Brouard
    “Beyond pretty - Data visualization that explain and persuade”

    27th September:
    4:00pm - 6:30pm - Data Science JobFair #1
    You will be able to present yourself, to see company’s slides. I warmly suggest you to prepare already your CV and your deck if you want to present yourself. Any DataScience project is also a “plus” in the eyes of recruiters.

    6:30pm - 8:30pm - HIV Hack

    28th September:
    2:00pm - 5:00pm - Workshop with Alexis Brouard
    “The Tip of the Iceberg - Persuade with your data insights”

    In October, for the second part
    Mondays and Tuesdays from 1st October to 18th December, for those that are selected for the second part (*). I’m working hard to let this happen and will inform you on time (hopefully before 25th September) about the content of the 24 days training.For your information, what happened last year (EventBrite links)

    (*) This is based on Leaderboard or participation on any HIVHack or DataForBetterHealth events

    4th October
    12:30-2:00pm Lunch Masterclass with Alexis Brouard
    “Beyond frustration - Captivate with stories about your data”

    That’s all folks! Any feedback, additional question, … is welcome - this mail will also be sent to Philippe - Elisabeth - Alexis - Evan for their info.

    PS reminder: DigitYser is your space, you are all always welcome there between official hours (9am-5pm). If you haven’t yet your badge, you can ask Adelaïde

    “I might forget something here, but always with a smile”
    Olivier Dierickx - for di Academy & DigitYser

  • Normally you would receive confirmation from Elisabeth if you are registered.
    I will ask her to provide a way to know (updated) the list of registered, so you will be sure to be in. Don’t forget your credentials (login/password)

    I’ll add that the second part is filling well, you can here have the link that I send to the trainers to know what spots are available


  • Are you able to confirm either private or on the forum who is registered for A00-211 SAS Base Programming for SAS 9 on monday 17/sep ?

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