Presentation of participants to the bootcamp during the Fob Fair

  • Hello Olivier and bootcampers
    I think that a good way to organize the presentation of participants to the bootcamp during the Fob Fair would be that each one prepares a two-minute video including what he/she wants, and collect all of them all as soon as possible, to be ready to be presented Thursday afternoon in the event on the screen. In that way we can control the time and the inclusion of everyone. Besides, eventually those videos could be also sent/included in a website for the companies to watch again if desired.

  • Hello everyone,
    I like this idea.
    If we proceed with this, I have a camera and a microphone we could use for this. Two minutes is a lot of talking for a video and after 20 min (10 participants) it would get reeeeally boring for companies.

    I think 30 seconds with clue words of who you are and what would you like to do is enough. Companies can have our linkedin and also cv’s.

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