HIV Hackathon Team

  • Putting together a team for the HIV Hack event

  • New challenge from on high. By Wednesday evening next week we need to prepare 3-4 solution proposals to present at the HIV Hackathon meetup

    Let’s try to do a meeting tomorrow after your workshops to get moving on this. For those who can’t make it tomorrow, we can set a second meeting later this week

    The goal by Thursday is to have the solutions chosen, and the teams chosen. This should give you enough time to put together a little pitch by Wednesday.

    I will have ready for you by Thursday an outline of what these pitches should include, it won’t be anything very technical but it will require to you do some research and put in some thought

    (and I’ll be around Digityser for the rest of this week. Don’t hesitate to set a time to meet with me if you have questions, an idea, or any other concerns.)

  • @evan Hi, I read somewhere we should meet this Thursday between 18:00 to 20:00. I consider this is a very inconvenient hour, taking into account that:

    • our commitment to the project is part of the official Bootcamp hours 9-17 h.
    • imho working more than 10 hours a day is not an effective method.
    • some of us have family or other situations that make this meeting hour inappropiate.

    Therefore I suggest to change our meeting to an hour between 9-17 h,

  • Hi @evan,
    Anyone with this link can join this board as a member !!


  • @irene-del-carmen count yourself in.

  • @evan I would like to join the core team ☺

  • If you’re interested in joining us for your Phase 2 project of the DataScience Bootcamp, let me know. I will be leading the project so don’t hesitate to send me any questions or ideas.

    It’s not as important how much time you commit as it is that you stick to what you say. In the first planning meetings we’ll divide teams and tasks, that’s your chance to take on a piece of the project you can commit to (whatever that means for you).

    Ideally we’re looking for a core of 4-6 people that are interested in taking this on as their main project for phase 2 and will also be able to make it for the hackathon event. This is the crew that would get to work on follow-through implementation if we win the event.
    There is room to be involved even if you can’t commit to the core team for whatever reason

    We’ll need to read the sources, organize+clean the data, develop our analysis strategies, prepare a few plans for implementing our findings, and generally be ready to hit the ground running on the 23rd of November.

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