Article about HIV in China + some thoughts

  • Last workshop was very amazing and opened my eyes also to the fact that HIV is not only an African case but all around the world, as was said by Varun about India. It spreads globally.

    One of my connections sent me an article about China:
    HIV/Aids: China reports 14% surge in new cases

    So while we aim to get datasets from Africa countries, it seems that help could come also in receiving datasets in any country of the world, China, India, Turkey, …

    What is fascinating me, and was also highlighted through this workshop… We focus about compliance from human people (are they aware, are they taking care?) and it is also a governmental (investment, decisions) and logistics problem, as also from pharmaceutical companies the aim to really solve the problem - research has a cost, but if people earns less than 5$/day and they ask them to pay yearly $1000 for their treatment… It shouldn’t be a rich-poor gap issue…

    So for me the challenge is not only how to fight drug resistance, it is also how to involve governments and make it accessible for everyone.

    Final thoughts, I’m also fascinated about the diverse actions to take, depending on cultures, on geography (rivers). And probably if we could find a solution with drones about medication, and set in place points where people could find local pharmacies. It could be a huge improvement using the technology for the good of all people, and not only afterwards to force them to go to the checkout…

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