HIV Hack commitment & Data Science Bootcamp

  • Hi all readers. Just some thoughts here, hoping no-one will be offended, and this message is mainly for DataScienceBootcampers.

    First, I want to thank all the people that was present on the 27th HIV Hack Workshop, especially those that presented their work (highlighting Varun, Samir, Olmo, their team and all others involved). And also the persons that was present yesterday working on HIVHack team. I feel blessed to live that.

    I would like to precise, for those involved to DataScienceBootcamp, that while HIVHack commitment - attending workshops/hackathon ; involving in the HIVHack Team - is not mandatory, it is highly appreciated and (–Philippe will correct me if I’m wrong–) I consider any HIVHack day/evening as an “internship day” (related to the MOU).

    If you feel the pressure of your days and if you cannot commit to attend evenings or other events/workshops aside your 12/24/xx days of DSB track and aside any 9am-5pm schedule, it’s OK. We are adults and I wouldn’t force or blame anyone 😉 - there are also people that are working between 9-5 and for them, the only chance is aside this schedule.

    Finally I would just add that, IMHO, it is more accurate, for any issue you could have, to post it in our forum, rather than to send an email where many recipients in CC may not be concerned about the issue itself, avoiding any “reply-to-all” poisoning situations I would like to avoid, to keep a good atmosphere.

    I thank the sender of this email, it is an amazing opportunity to improve ourselves.


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